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A client had approached us to provide him a concept of 20ft catering container

Posted on March 19 2018 by hinda

A client had approached us to provide him a concept of 20ft catering container for the summer time ahead in order to run his business in the downtown of Denver, CO.

He had secured the property but the local approval wasn’t granted. As such, he asked us to provide him conceptual design in order to present it to the city and make sure that everything fits into his 600sf yard. The client agreed to enter a separate contract for the conceptual design.

He had chosen to go with three drop down openings option, applying the color of the year (purple color), plus balustrade railing. He had already purchased his kitchen equipment and provided the specifications to us to keep the space for them. The Design contract started in Mid-February and we fulfilled it after 4 days. He brought it to the city to make sure that he’s allowed to go with container structure. The client managed to get approval after one week.

As such, following that we started to produce full set of drawings from Architectural, structural, MEP and finally, shop drawings for manufacturing. As the client had considered many aspects, we went through the design very quick with only one revision, which we did for free.

We stamped and delivered the drawing set to the client for $3250. The client has submitted the drawing package to the City of Denver and are under review.

The specifications of the catering container are as follow:

Purpose built Unit 20’(l) by 8’(w) by 9’-6”(h)

ECO Grip flooring to be slip resistant and washable

Countertops made of Pebbled FRP to be washable

3 drop down side hydraulic openings

Electrical canopy

Logo Branding

Roof reinforcement for rooftop lounge area

Staircase, balustrade railing

Stainless kitchen-sink with plumbing included

Cabinetry as per specifications

200-amp Panel

Six (2) 4’ vapor wet location LED lights, Ten (10) duplex outlets, Two (2) data ports



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