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School Design Standards

Posted on January 10 2018

School Design Standards

A place to be considered for the design and construction of the school should be close to the public transport, from the factories, railways and highways, the hospital, the cemetery, slaughterhouses, livestock, poultry houses, tannery, places for the accumulation of waste and fertilizers, Noisy and crowded centers and other centers that may in some way interfere with noise, smoke, odors, dust and noise.

A benchmark for the area of ​​land needed to design a school will be the number of students to study at that school.

Accordingly, the minimum required level for each student is 6 to 8 square meters, and the space necessary for the exercise of students should also be considered according to the existing criteria.

The playground should be large enough to allow student activity to be easily provided without collapse and collision while playing. This condition will be favorable for each student, taking into account an area of ​​about 10 square meters. However, this standard will be more effective in places with low cost and abundance of land.

In the design of the school, the classroom should be placed in the appropriate place where the light is sufficient and exposed to the students' complete vision of a suitable and non-shiny green color to prevent the creation of a dazzle due to the reflection of light. The classroom's distance from the first row of students should not be less than 2.2 meters.

For each student, the student should be at least 2/51 square meters in the classroom. Maximum acceptable dimensions for the classroom are 8 meters long and 7 meters wide. The height of the ceiling of the class should not be less than 3 meters.

The maximum height of the stairs in the school is 18 cm and the minimum width is 30 cm and the length is at least 1.30 m.

But how can you approach these standards when you are in financial constraints and space limits? With the container you can reduce the distance between ideals and realities.


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