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Shipping container home

Container production includes both converted Shipping container and prefabricated containers. Every client may have its own need and we are committed to meeting it. Standard Shipping container modification and prefabricated container designs and production in all sizes are of our expertise. Our converted shipping container and prefabricated container services include: * Engineering design/ drawings * Production * Delivery * Installation.......................................................................... http://s3da-design.com/converted-shipping-container-services/


Posted on November 2 2017 by hinda


There are many advantages to choosing shipping containers as your house but let’s focus to three of them that would be the main factors.


The greatest motivating force and benefits for each one of those reasoning about shipping container houses are that they are very cost-effective. Getting a utilized shipping container and changing it into a house is far more affordable than getting a home in the least expensive place of the city. Also, you won’t discover what you are searching for. Be that as it may, with dispatch holder houses, you should simply to search for one and you might have one.

shipping container house- cost effective


Constructing a housing structure out of a shipping container takes more or less three weeks in comparison to brick and mortar shape which takes around 6 months to build.

shipping container house-fast to build

The most structure can be assembled within a day or so if all of the pieces were disconnect site that’s in equivalence to the as-built structure.


The shipping containers house include a strong enough structure that’s quite reliable. It does not need piling unless we would like to any changes to its main structure (e.g. having a significant offset on the second floor in comparison with the lower story something like a porch), where we’d like the piling during this situation. Generally speaking, stability and stiffness of the shipping container are obtained internally by the means of the sheet framing, high gauge sheeting, and a rigid framework.

shipping container house-structural stability

Actually, Shipping containers house is designed to bear heavy loads, face up to harsh weather conditions, further as rough seas and may also simply be stacked one on prime of the opposite to create multi-story homes. Their structural stability makes such homes earthquake and hurricane proof, which makes them extremely safe for natural disaster-prone areas.





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